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Faolan - Boys will be boys [AW]

OOC: This is GENIOUS xDD No real limit on replies. Of course the thread takes place in SMP.

The young boy of split parents had done it again: he’d found something to breathe life into his curious intellect.

”More!” he demanded when his newest trifle, the hissing beetle, ceased its aggravated bluffs. One paw reached tentatively out and stroked the top of its onyx back and pressed into the shallow cease of its folded wings. Promptly translating this as a threat, the creature tumbled to one side beneath the weight of what he thought was a slight touch and flailed all six legs aimlessly at the air, a sharp screech emanating from its now sideward mandibles.
He leapt back as though struck by the shrill note of protest though it was doubtful that he found the creature anything but intimidating; the thick lines of his lips twisted back into a gleeful, boyish grin as his bodice leaned down into a bow.

Undeterred by his plaything’s heinous cry Fao’s tail whipped behind him in a rather haphazard fashion and with emerald eyes bulging with their unchecked interest he yapped, swatted again, and set the whole scene anew.


they weren't born in lotus-land

Quetzal. (Lilac Valley) For Cali, I think?

Considering Q's littermate's gentle demeanor and strict adherence to the rules and wishes of her parents, Gale was not a pup to arrive home late, and thus when the silver pup didn't stop by for lunch the pale youngster was concerned. Gale hadn't told her that she was off anywhere in particular, so Quetzal trailed after the first scent mark she found, meandering north into the Salvaje valley as her sister's scent led her gradually across the unclaimed lands and further away from WInterheart Forest. So far, she hadn't caught sight of her olive-eyed sister, and Q whined as the trail began to fade somewhat and became muddled with that of a strange male.

Frowning, the tall Lepus sniffed at the ground, massive paws scratching at the soil as she attempted to figure out what had happened. That smelled worried her, and her amber eyes were anxious as she paced, tail whipping as her sister's trail disappeared and reappeared again in short spurts, something that confused her greatly. By the time the scent vanished completely, the nearly fully grown Endore paused in a field of lilacs, and she probably would have stopped to enjoy them had her mind not been utterly consumed by thoughts of Gale, and where she was.


Salene Endore: The Quest

(For simplicity, I do request that only one person join this)

Her ivory paws tread carefully across her familiar, familial soil. Winterheart Forest, her pride and joy, was almost as beloved as her own bloodline. Almost. The woman had grown considerably in the timespan since returning to the Forest, mostly in wisdom and manners. She was still the bright, brilliant child with hopes and ideals that she always had been - but now, now she was a woman who was rising into her social class. There was no one better in Winterheart Forest than she, save her very own mother.

The curious thought that greeted her that night was not of her mother, her maternal star, it was of a solider, a warrior who had in essence bewitched her to the idea that perhaps, somewhere out in the world, there was a man of true worth for her. In a blissful, almost dreamy sigh, the woman lifted her gaze to the stars and plucked Andromeda from the heavens. "And am I, lowly Princess who gazes to reverently towards the heavens, ever destined to find my Perseus?"


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