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Salene Endore: The Quest

(For simplicity, I do request that only one person join this)

Her ivory paws tread carefully across her familiar, familial soil. Winterheart Forest, her pride and joy, was almost as beloved as her own bloodline. Almost. The woman had grown considerably in the timespan since returning to the Forest, mostly in wisdom and manners. She was still the bright, brilliant child with hopes and ideals that she always had been - but now, now she was a woman who was rising into her social class. There was no one better in Winterheart Forest than she, save her very own mother.

The curious thought that greeted her that night was not of her mother, her maternal star, it was of a solider, a warrior who had in essence bewitched her to the idea that perhaps, somewhere out in the world, there was a man of true worth for her. In a blissful, almost dreamy sigh, the woman lifted her gaze to the stars and plucked Andromeda from the heavens. "And am I, lowly Princess who gazes to reverently towards the heavens, ever destined to find my Perseus?"



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Jul. 11th, 2008 05:47 am (UTC)
Re: Saeran FeralHeart: The Quest.
The youth turned slowly, allowing her head to naturally curve towards him before the rest of her body followed. A small smile caught her features, lighting them up beneath the pale moonlight. She was the best imitation of her mother, if not slightly tainted by the cream tinting her fur and her father's eye tarnished her appearance. Had she her own way, long ago she would have changed her features to match her mother's, but nature was not so kind. "But aren't we all so far beneath the heavens?" She quipped, gaze lifting off his figure for a moment to rest on the skies she so passionately loved.

The motion of his head caught her attention again, and in response she gave a curtsy, her body curling slightly to him, head dipping regally. "Never be sorry my dear, take pride in yourself in all things." She said quietly, wishing to see her pack with as much pride as he had shown her that night. Her body, at least the pristinely white portions of it, gave off a faint silver glow as the clouds shifted overhead and the moon began to bathe them both in it's tender, near loving rays. "Perseus was a prince who long ago rescued a Princess named Andromeda from a monster. Her parents wanted to use her as a sacrifice, and he defeated the monster and took her away as his bride." She explained quietly. "When the gods saw his actions, they gave Andromeda a place in the heavens so she would forever be safe."

Almost bashfully she glanced away, realizing she had started to ramble about the skies again. "Forgive me, Sir. I'm hoping to become the pack's Skywatcher, and I'm afraid like my mother, my passion for the stars can rarely be controlled." She gave a small smile to him, returning her gaze to meet his. "My name's Salene Endore, I'm Sphinx' daughter. Might I know your name?"
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