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they weren't born in lotus-land

Quetzal. (Lilac Valley) For Cali, I think?

Considering Q's littermate's gentle demeanor and strict adherence to the rules and wishes of her parents, Gale was not a pup to arrive home late, and thus when the silver pup didn't stop by for lunch the pale youngster was concerned. Gale hadn't told her that she was off anywhere in particular, so Quetzal trailed after the first scent mark she found, meandering north into the Salvaje valley as her sister's scent led her gradually across the unclaimed lands and further away from WInterheart Forest. So far, she hadn't caught sight of her olive-eyed sister, and Q whined as the trail began to fade somewhat and became muddled with that of a strange male.

Frowning, the tall Lepus sniffed at the ground, massive paws scratching at the soil as she attempted to figure out what had happened. That smelled worried her, and her amber eyes were anxious as she paced, tail whipping as her sister's trail disappeared and reappeared again in short spurts, something that confused her greatly. By the time the scent vanished completely, the nearly fully grown Endore paused in a field of lilacs, and she probably would have stopped to enjoy them had her mind not been utterly consumed by thoughts of Gale, and where she was.



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Jul. 11th, 2008 05:29 am (UTC)
OOC: *hopes valiantly that this is the way to reply..*
The gray Caesar, contented that his Novan Queen had finally descended from Jubilee's Mountain to reside with him in his own lands, lay sprawled across the coolest stones of his den. Adonis had left him to entertain the imprisoned Nightingale - Fiesta was engrossed in conversation with Lydia.

Caligula lifted his muzzle to the air - there was a familiar scent upon the hot winds. For a moment, he was passionately reminded of the lovely Bellatrix, Sphinx Endore, and a smile played lightly upon his lips. Yet, this aroma was mingled with other things - it was not the Egyptian queen. The gray wolf rose from his lethargy and began to pad down the slopes of Everto Peak.

Arriving in the field of lilacs, he spotted a girl, with the long body of a yearling, standing in the flowers, as if waiting for him. His yellow eyes narrowed, and he drew forth regally to meet her. "Hail, child."

Jul. 11th, 2008 04:08 pm (UTC)
Re: OOC: *hopes valiantly that this is the way to reply..*
The five-month old let out another whine at the eerie absence of her sister's scent, and gazed out at the mountain beyond the field in which she walked. It was the shortest of the three, and was thus shadowed by its neighbours, but as she doubted Gale would have liked such a place Q thought little of it.

Only when a massive, scarred male strode from the mountain's roots and approached her did she bristle, ivory tail twitching slightly as he addressed her. From where she was, she could not yet smell Gale upon his pelt, but his tall, formal approach set her somewhat off balance, as it was so unused to those she had already met. His words, too, were odd, and her amber eyes darkened with thought.

"Hail?" she repeated quietly, though not necessarily shyly. It sounded a bit too much like Gale for comfort.
Jul. 11th, 2008 07:04 pm (UTC)
Re: ahaha
The ivory young wolfess returned the greeting in due time, and Caligula, pleased, graced her with a smile and a small dip of his head. His yellow eyes swept her frame, and he realized that the child more than likely shared blood with his prisoner.

With that knowledge, Caligula lowered himself before her. The scent of the lilacs touched his nose, and he enjoyed the delicate aroma as he spoke. "What brings you here, to these lands today, little vassal of the Bellatrix?" he inquired gently, holding her eyes with his own.

The recent influx of children that Everto Peak and its surrounding field of lilacs were receving these days had consistently lowered Caligula's regard of the Salvaje leaders. Surely they were not all fools - surely they knew of his intentions. The gray Caesar waited for her answer in a soft cloak of silence, eyes fixed on her own.

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