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Wild Wolf Society

...invades LiveJournal!

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The Wild Wolf Society is a fictional, forum-based, play-by-post roleplaying game focused on creative writing, character development, and interaction between members. Set five years behind present-day in Wyoming, several wolf packs co-exist in varying degrees of harmony and conflict as they each forge their own futures and write their own histories. A fun, popular, and hugely successful game since its original creation in 2000, the Wild Wolf Society continues to grow and evolve with the joining of each new member.

This community is open for general discussions, plot ideas and requests, character adoption/development, art/writing/other creativity, and anything else members wish to contribute. Let's all work together to make this community yet another integral part of WWS!

Useful Posts: Introduction
Note that admin announcements will be made using the tag admin. You’re welcome—and encouraged—to use tags on your entries to make finding topics easier for other members.